Somogy County Enterpreur Center Public Foundation

The Somogy County Enterpreur Center Public Foundation was founded in the spring of 1991 by Somogy County Assembly, to help and strengthen the small- and medium-sized businesses. The Enterpreur Center's main objectives:

  • development of enterpreur culture with educational and training programs
  • developing of competitiveness of
  • to improve the economy of Somogy County, to decrease unemployment
  • to provide up-to-date information for small and medium-sized businesses
  • to be able to pay reduced loans for businesses –micro credit
  • to support the business’s discount apparence on markets

The Somogy County Enterpreur Center Public Foundation plays a big part in the economy  of Somogy County, in the starts of business, supporting them with advices, providing informations and education, and with the micro credit. It has offices in Kaposvár, Barcs Balatonboglár and employs highly qualified people These micro credits meant an important job for the foundation, with the loan the businessess can access a singular resource.

 The Somogy County Enterpreur Center Public Foundation continues its activities in the Somogy-Flaundria Incubatorhouse in Kaposvár. The Incubatorhouse was built in 1998 from financial aid from an application which was sent in to the Belgian Government with cooperation of the Flaman Gom-West Vlaanderen Land Development Center. The Incubatorhouse main activities: renting of offices, workshops and conference halls. The lastly mentioned has the capacity of 350 people, buti t can be separated into three part with soundproof walls and this way we can have rooms with the capacity of 70, 110, 130 and 240 people It is a perfect location for the organizing and holding of business and press conference, business meetings, exhibitons, performances, fairs and other social and economical events.


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