Why the Dráva?

This is the place where the beauty of nature and the rich cultural heritage meet. You can enjoy the gastronomical pleasures and also the water sports. This where the modern world meets the local traditions. This is the part of Drava that awaits the explorations.

The Drava doesn’t separates but connects the two neighboring country Hungary and Croatian. The flood plain is made by backwater and swamp, the wildlife is very rich at lakes. You can find here black stork, white tailed eagle, grey heron, cormorant, heron and black crown night-heron or you can even see kingfisher and the little tern only nesting here. A rich and singular flora and fauna formed in this incredibly clear water: the Drava caddis fly only lives here ont he whole Earth.

Drávamente gives numerous opportunity for our visitors. The place i ideal for resting and holiday. There is severeal natural miracle here, like the mountain, attractive hills, forests and lakes with clear water. The individual and rich wildlife gives many wild animals for the lovers of hunting It promises healing and regeneration int he land of healing water. The numerous accomodation, hospitality, horse riding or the bread baking or the cake baking attract you to explore  the rural tourism many facility. We offer  our meals made with our own traditional receipes for those who love the traditional flavors. There are high quality vineyards an orchards which guarantees that we can offer th ebest wines and liqueurs. The world of history and visual arts come alive on our events.

Those who live her work so every wish come true, even about accomodation, events, hospitality, resting or recreation. Drávamente await our guest with special values and body and soul.


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