About the project


  • Somogy County Enterpreur Center Public Foundation
  • VIDRA – Virovitica-Podravina County Regional Development
  • Koprivnica City Municipility
  • Barcs City Municipility



Time of the project:

2015. March 1. – 2016. Februar 29.


The goal of the project:

It is to survey the tourists offer of the Drava region, to unite the offered elements and to increase the region tourist attraction and strengthen its market position with an unified promotion.


Concrete goals:

  • to form and expand the network cooperation between the tourist services
  • to strengthen the relationship between provider and mediator services
  • to communication and promotion of the tourist programs
  • to urge the touristic investments


The main actions of the project:

  • it constructed the database of the South Somogy, Virovitica-Podravina, and Koprivnica-Krizevacka County tourists services and service providers. The database contains not just the service providers main details but give the visitors important information like the nature of the service, opening hours, spoken languages, programs, obstruction release. We created a relevant and unified structure and descripton about the services with this database.
  • we created a tourist webpage with the database about the tourist services of the region. The webpage elements: general description of the place, some service provder and its services’s short description (textual infromations, photos, films), detailed information about the program packs, traveling tips;
  • we made a mobile application connected to the webpage. The visitors can connect to the database with the help of the application, which will increase the number of users, and makes easier to get access to the details.
  • we compiled the crossborder packages. We made a program package which is  general, tematic and act upon the visitor’s demand, all the package has hungarian and croatian service.The database also gives an opportunity for the combination of some services according to the visitor’s demand.


  • the region tourist promotion:
    • we made of commercial films about the srevice
    • we organized study tours for the service providers to have the good experience
    • we organized study-tours for the tourist media and travel organizers to show the region’s offerings
    • we organized workshops and trainings to urge the establishment of tourist enterpreuer also to develop the enterpreuner’s communication skills.
    • unified tourist promotion
    • public participation on exhibitions and fairs


The vision of the project:

We want to make a tourist destianation in the region of Drava, which show the region’s nature , cultural, historical, ethnical values in a united way and komplex and sustainable tourist offers which the region can provide.


The project’s budget:

EU support153.198,32 €
Home support8.660,- €
Our own support18.357,03 €
Sum total180.233,35 €

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