Barcs is the capital of Dráva

We recommend Barcs, which is the capital of Dráva, for all of those who like to spend their free time in a special, truly original and unique way. It doesn’t matter what drew you here the untouched nature, the capricious river or the healing water, you will love Barcs and Barcs will love you back.

Barcs, which became a city in 1979, is the south gate of the country, thanks to its natural treasures and our vocation the last few years was a big discovery for the tourists.

The Dráva in itself has a special worth. The fast and erratic river is so clear until Barcs that the two third parts of the country’s fish population live there. The river and its dead channel count as a fishing paradise. The directors of the Duna-Dráva National Park help you to discover this mysterious land and its flora and fauna, they made a learning path on  he Barcs Borókás and a Teaching and Display Center in Drávaszentes. The dráva beach with its welcoming building can be used for sports, cooking or camping on its parkland for people who would like a nice holiday and like the feeling river also they can take part in our more and more popular canoe trip. Barcs is the capital of the hungarian parts of the „Three River National Bicycle Tour”, which is 230 km long, but the lovers of horse riding and horse carriage can find their place with us.

More than one hunting company handle hunting. All of them has excellent red and fallow deer stock and their wild pig stock is outstandingly large.

We especially have to draw the attention to its cultural value. Little number of people know that there were people int he city early int he 5th century BC  and int he ancient times an important roman military road was lead through here. The Drava Public Museum Exhibition shows the history- and culture of the city from the beginning, the most interesting parts may be the interior of those rooms that shows the local traditions and lifestyle. Several performal artist group shows Barcs’s busy cultural life, there is wind instruments or classical music, jazz, folk dance, ballroom dance. The Drava festival lasts from the midlle of May to the end of June and provides quality programs every weekend for the locals and the tourists.

We left for last the Barcs’s tourist offer’s biggest success int he last few years: The spa which was opened in 2005 and the connected Barcs Health Spa and Recreatinal Centre which was opened in 2006. It is the highest quality facility compared to similar establishment int he region of the Southern Transdanubia and provides an experience filled relaxation  and rest for every generation in every season. The visitors can choose accomodation from the comfortable pensions, for the „The backpack tourists” there are places in the high quality dormitory.

(Hegyi Zsuzsa Director of the Hungarian Tourist Zrt Southern Transdanubia Regional Marketing Board)


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