Koprivnica city has 31000 people in it, but we count in more precisely 125000 people from the city’s 30 km circle. It is located along the Zagrab and Varaždin main roads, which lead to Eszék, also along the Budapest-Zagrab railway track.

The city provides high quality lifestíle for those who live here, and gives  exceptional opportunities for starting a business. They succesfully made a healthy business environment, where the businesses can progress quickly and effectively. The food –and pharmaceutical industry sectors’s centers are int he city, for example Podravka.d, which is the biggest croatian food industry company, or the Belupod.d, which is the second biggest pharmaceutical industry corporation in Croatia and the Calsberg Croatia international alcohol manufacturer business.

Moreover the medium- sized businesses has an increasing rate in the last few years. The local government shows understanding towards the requests of the business owners and try to help their progress from their own power, like helping through facilities or take them into city hand. Thanks to this the public institutions has a stable, fast and reliable reaction system.    

The rich cultural heritage and the strong economy gives chance to the tourism to progress. There are two tourist events which are especially interesting, the Drava motivs naive art fair and the Renaissance festival. We have to highlight the handball, soccer and the horse riding contest from the large number of sport activity. The city and its surroundings provide many opportunity for relaxing, like the Drava river or the Šoderica lake. There is many restaurant in the city or around it , where you can try the numerous, special Drava foods.


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