Basagarden - Nárcisz dayAn event with touristic attraction

We arrange a guest enticing event every year on the beginning of May since 1996, when the daffodil opens its beautiful star shaped blossom. We want to share this experience with others, and that's why the local civil establishment working with the local government arranges these rich programs. The local bands, who try to keep the traditions, play on the stage ,there is music and folkdance performances, craftmans fair. They arrange the biggest sport event of the place on this day, The daffodil run is between Barcs-Komlósd-Babóct, and the folksy wagon drive rice on the Rinya shore.


Watching the blooming of the daffodils is free.
The Daffodil Day events have a admission price.


Events Daffodil run Wagon drive


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  • Address: 7584 Babócsa, Basakert 0155 hrsz.
  • Phone: 06-30-301-8901
  • E-mail: Send message

Opening hours:

In season: 04.15-05.15.
between daily 8.00-16.



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