Cvjetni park/Šetalište Edite SchubertPublic turistic attraction

Decision of the Commission "Green Flower 2010" in the category of individual elements: Park in Virovitica received a park on King Tomislav Square and Promenade Edita Schubert.Cvjetni park on King Tomislav Square star is only a year and a half ago, but long enough to last and this year is (because of its beauty, special features in the design of flower beds, details that complement it: floral clock, weather station with an ATM, and this year the grassed roundabout) candidate for the prestigious award of the Croatian tourist Board. Hiking trails through the Floral Park this year added promenade and dedicated Edita Schubert, contemporary visual artists born in Virovitica. It is a unique example of the promenade in Europe, no to the space, but the space filled with the artist's work, drawings, pictures, shapes, colors and sculptures.

Located near the historic attractions medieval castle Pejacevic family, Baroque church of St. Rok.


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  • Address: Turistička zajednica grada Virovitice, Trg kralja Zvonimira 1, 33000 Virovitica
  • GPS coordinates: N 45.8343 I 17.3837
  • Phone: 385(0)33 721-981

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