Kompleks Franjevačkog samostana, crkve Sv. Roka i Samostalnog muzejaHistorical attraction

Church of st. Rok belongs to special expression of Franciscan baroque from the 18th century. After the liberation Virovitica from Turkish rule the Bishop of Zagreb Martin Borković handed over Franciscans Province of St. Ladislav on Virovitica parish. The Franciscans, settled in the city, built a wooden monastery and built a church of st. Rok.
Construction of the Church of St. Rok started in 1746 and lasted until 1752. The church was damaged in 1752. when great earthquake that struck Virovitica .
The church interior is among the most prominent baroque ensemble in Croatia. During the 17th and 18th century monastery in Virovitica was high Franciscan University where the young Franciscans were taught the philosophy, theology and speaking. The monastery is a two-storey building quadrangular with a cloister. The facades are articulated with a simple series of pilasters. It is the oldest building in Virovitica. On the western side of the monastery building was added from 1758, and a new monastery pharmacy. In its eastern corner there is a chapel of St. Emigdija - protector of earthquakes. The monastery have a large collection of paintings and sculptures created in the period 18th - 19th century, rich library and a large part of the case of the old Franciscan pharmacy.

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Spoken languages:

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  • Address: Zvonimirov trg 8, 33000 Virovitica
  • GPS coordinates: N 45.8351 I 17.3836
  • Phone: 385(0)33 726-731

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