Fun pack 3 - "White-tailed eagle" programme

Day 1.

Our accommodation for two days is at Éltető Világ Forest School and Tourist Lodge in a cheery, comfortable and modern place in Őrtilos. Activities for the afternoon include hiking, nature photography, excursions and water sports, dinner is served in the neighbouring Három Sárkány (three dragons) Innan.

Day 2.

After breakfast at 9.00, the Őrtilos-Vízvár canoe tour commences offering a marvellous view over the landscape and water wildlife along the banks of the river while paddling through protected areas of the Danube-Drava National Park. Arriving in Vízvár at 18.00, we are put up in wooden cabins.

Day 3.

After breakfast at 9.00 we can venture to cover the distance between Vízvár and Barcs in a couple of hours under the guidance of the Dráva-Zátony Water Tour Club. Then, we travel to the picturesque Kriznica where, directly in the neighbourhood of the Drava, we can taste fresh fish and other traditional dishes in the heart of nature in Ribarska klet. In Kriznica we can go cycling and boating. Our accommodation is in Barcs, on the Hungarian side of the border. Not only does the dormitory of Kaposvár SZC Drava Valley Comprehensive and Vocational School provide comfortable accommodation but there are restaurants in the area as well.

Day 4.

Breakfast at 9.00 followed by finding out more about wildlife in the forest, where with the help of a guide, we can discover the flora and fauna of the Drava region.



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Day 1.

Time Activity Service provider Place
arrival Éltető Világ Forest School and Tourist Hotel Őrtilos
dinner Három Sárkány Hostel Őrtilos

Day 2.

Time Activity Service provider Place
breakfast Éltető Világ Forest School and Tourist Hotel Őrtilos
canoe: Őrtilos - Vízvár Őrtilos
accommodation Vízvár Cabin Vízvár

Day 3.

Time Activity Service provider Place
accommodation College Barcs
lunch Restoran "Ribarska klet" Kriznica
canoe: Vízvár - Barcs Vízvár
breakfast Vízvár Cabin Vízvár

Day 4.

Time Activity Service provider Place
breakfast College Barcs
forest tour (presentation about local plants, animals, birds) College Barcs
departure College Barcs


Water tours Fishing Touring Canoeing Bird watching Nature photographing Animals

Why choose this programme?

  • Fabulous environment
  • Nature reserves
  • The fastest flowing river of Europe
  • Special flora and fauna
  • Unspoilt landscape
  • Sporting experiences
  • Authentic fish dishes of the Drava region
  • Suspension-bridge over the Drava
  • The green island of Croatia

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Observe protected animals along the banks of the river. Watchful tourists can catch a glimpse of little terns, black storks or kingfishers!

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