Fun pack 4 - "Ferruginous duck" programme

Day 1.

Our accommodation is in Szentkirály Boarding House, in the small village of Porrogszentkirály, which is rich in natural beauty. After a short drive we arrive in Csurgó where the Local History Museum of the town introduces the history of the place storing its centuries-old values. As its permanent exhibitions, it features the ethnographic values of the town, along with an exhibition on wine-growing, the history of the local volunteer fire brigade and the introduction of local artists. Dinner is served in Fehér Ló (White Horse) restaurant, in a place well-known since the 1500, where history and tradition are very much alive today as well.

Day 2.

After breakfast we head off to Kapronca in Croatia, where first we visit the Guest House Suncano Selo which offers visitors the chance to have a look at the tools and equipment of hundreds of ancient trades and crafts within its traditional walls. We can taste the excellent dishes, offered by the cuisine of Podravina, in Hotel Bijela Kuća. Muzej Koprivnica introduces the history of the settlement in five different exhibition rooms displaing handicraft products, photographs and everyday tools and objects. Muzej Podravka features the past and the present of the world-famous brand allowing the visitors to even taste some of the products. Dinner with live music is served in the previously visited restaurant in Csurgó and the children can try the medieval playground as well.

Day 3.

Leaving our accommodation in Porrogszentkirály after breakfast.


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Day 1.

Time Activity Service provider Place
14:00 arrival Szentkirály Guest house Porrogszentkirály
15:00 program Csurgó City History Collection Csurgó
18:00 dinner Óvárosi Ilia Castle garden Csurgó

Day 2.

Time Activity Service provider Place
08:00 breakfast Szentkirály Guest house Porrogszentkirály
10:00 program Guest house Sunčano selo Jagnjedovec Jagnjedovec
13:00 lunch Hotel Bijela Kuća Koprivnica
15:00 program Muzej Koprivnica Koprivnica
16:00 Podravka múzeum Koprivnica
18:00 dinner Óvárosi Ilia Castle garden Csurgó

Day 3.

Time Activity Service provider Place
08:00 breakfast Szentkirály Guest house Porrogszentkirály
10:00 departure Szentkirály Guest house Porrogszentkirály


Children- and family-friendly environment Events Wine tasting Playground Exhibition

Why choose this programme?

  • Rural accommodation
  • Natural beauty
  • Close proximity to the Drava
  • Several rare species of flora
  • Historical past
  • Traditional Hungarian customs and dishes
  • A collection of trades and crafts
  • Treasures of Kapronca
  • Medieval playground

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Don't be shy to act like a child again and try the medieval playground!

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