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"Hotel ""Dukat"" (***) is located in the center of Orahovica. It offers a total of 46 beds
in 24 rooms. The restaurant has a capacity of about 200 people and has a parking lot in front of the hotel.
In the spectrum of tourist package is exploring the tourist attractions of Orahovica and the surrounding area. In creating its tourist offer, emphasis is placed primarily on the preservation of nature and natural resources (forests, rivers, lakes, ponds, etc.), offer hunting (which in the past was the main activity in this area) and rural tourism (homemade food and accommodation) . From tourist destinations with its beauty stands out Orahovica lake and ponds near Virovitica, mountain lodge Jankovac and wine-growing regions of Papuk and Krndija. There is a history of Orahovica, which is related to the Rose Castle, which was first mentioned in 1228. g. Ruzica town is a heritage site, and the second largest fortress with Medved city in the continental Croatian. It is important to mention the Monastery of St. Nicholas, which was built on the site of a Roman Catholic monastery hermitage Order of St. Augustin. As part of the tourist offer in Orahovica, in cooperation with the agency ORTRAN we can offer other services: trips to castle of the Pejačević family in Našice, in Bizovac spa sightseeing sacred buildings in Virovitica, Slatina and Orahovica, and churches in the mold. In addition to cultural and tourist attractions, hunting and similar. We offer accommodation in winter and summer sports clubs - football players, handball players, tennis players, with the ability to use the field for practice and training, and recreation and relaxation. For students already established residence in groups of twenty students called. ""School in nature"" during the spring, with the offer of sightseeing and natural attractions, swimming in the lake Orahovac and organized learning as needed. A particularly interesting market segment are pensioners, which offer boat packages for seniors. In periods of vacancy of the entire hotel capacity offered maintenance services, entertainment and various celebrations. It's already got off the ground because ORTRAN often organizes fun for Valentine's Day and St. Martin, there are masked balls, wedding, gala dinners, presentations, organized training, coaching schools, so-called. ""Mini-tourism"". In the ongoing hotel offer a free accommodation of passengers and accommodation business partner of various companies in these and other counties, for example, 'CID' dd 'Fruit' Inc. 'Slavonia oak' and others."

Parking place, organization of trips, sport fields, hunting.


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Spoken languages:

  • English
  • Croatian


  • Address: Trg sv. Križa 4, 33515 Orahovica
  • GPS coordinates: "N 45.5285 I 17.8809"
  • Phone: 385(0)33 401-420
  • Fax: +385 33 401 422
  • E-mail: Send message

Opening hours:

"Whole year,
Monday-Sunday 0-24 h"



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