Fun pack 11 - "Lax-flowered orchid" programme

Day 1.

The starting and final destination of our programmes to discover the wonderful landscapes of the Drava Region is Hotel Dukat in the town centre of Orahovica.  On the first day, we set off to discover the settlement and its area: the mighty ruins of the castle above the town is well worth a visit. After dinner at 20.00 wine tasting in the biggest winery of Slavonia, the P. P. Orahovica, where the wines have a heart and soul.

Day 2.

After breakfast we set off to spend a whole day relaxation in the complex of Izletiste Orah by the crystal clear Lake of Orahovica. The 1.7-acre artificial lake is protected by a forest. The area has served as a bathing and recreation complex since 1961. Its excellent quality water and well-maintained shores are constantly supervised and we can check water and air temperature on the shore of the lake. Dinner is served in our hotel.

Day 3.

After a refreshing breakfast we head off to the Spa and Recreational Centre of Barcs where we can enjoy the services and facilities of indoor and outdoor pools followed by refreshing sauna, relaxation and massage in the parlour of Más Világ from 16.00 Dinner is served in the hotel.

Day 4.

Checking out and leaving our hotel.


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Day 1.

Time Activity Service provider Place
14:00 arrival Hotel Dukat Orahovica
15:00 sightseeing Orahovica
18:00 dinner Hotel Dukat Orahovica
20:00 winetasting P.P. Orahovica d.o.o. Orahovica

Day 2.

Time Activity Service provider Place
08:00 arrival Hotel Dukat Orahovica
10:00 spa Izletište "Orah" Orahovica
18:00 dinner Hotel Dukat Orahovica

Day 3.

Time Activity Service provider Place
08:00 breakfast Hotel Dukat Orahovica
11:00 spa Barcs Healing bath and recreational centre Barcs
16:00 program Más Világ sauna, relax and massage studio Barcs
19:00 dinner Hotel Dukat Orahovica

Day 4.

Time Activity Service provider Place
08:00 breakfast Hotel Dukat Orahovica
10:00 departure Hotel Dukat Orahovica


Therapy Sauna Jacuzzi Steam bath Swimming pool Pool Walking tours Wine tasting Touring Massage Yoga Tibet sound treatment Beach volleyball Beach

Why choose this programme?

  • Mystical ruins of the castle
  • Lake with crystal clear water
  • Entertainment facilities
  • Recreational complex
  • Amazing view
  • Relaxation and recreatio
  • 10 pools
  • Peace and quiet
  • Excellent dishes of the Slavonic cuisine

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It’s worth climbing up the hill to the ruins of castle of Orahovica which hosts a medieval tournament called The Legend of Ružica.

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