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The main features of the eastern part of Croatia – Slavonia – are the lowland plains with great cultivated areas. From these plains, which once were the bottom of the Pannonian sea, mountains are rising to almost one thousand meters above sea level. One of those mountains is Papuk – the most beautiful mountain in Slavonia.
The House of Representatives of the Croatian Parliament
passed the Proclamation of theOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Nature Park Papuk, on April the 23rd 1999, because of iths extraordinary geological and biological variety and valuable cultural an historical inheritance. The activities of the Nature Park Papuk are directed towards the protection, maintenance and promotion of the core values of the Park´s nature and culture.
Inside the Park are numerous areas with a higher protection level then other parts of the Park. Specially protected areas are: the geological nature monument Rupnica, the Forest Park Jankovac, the special reserve of forest vegetation Sekulinačke planine (Sekulinačke Mountains), the nature monument Dva hrasta (Two Oaks), the nature monument Stanište tise (Yew Habitat), and the special floristic reserve Pliš-Mališćak-Turjak-Lapjak.
The area of the Nature Park represents geological the most various area on this part of the Republik Croatia. Following the European and World initiatives about the protection of valuable geological inheritance, associations like the European Geoparks Network (EGN) and the Global Geoparks Network (GGN) were founded. The Nature Park Papuk became member of these mentioned associations in 2007, as first geological Park from Croatia.


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