Fun pack 10 - "False tamarisk" programme

Day 1.

Arrival at Hotel Visnjica, paradise of traditions, values, nature and animals in an enormous wilderness. We set off at 15.00 for Slatina to visit Zavicajni Muzej, where we find out more about the town’s history through virtual lessons based on a school report. Various subjects are indicated by 11 different colours ranging from traditions to typical artistic curiosities. Dinner is served in our hotel at 20.00, then wine tasting at Vinarija Kufner, a winery famous for its quality grapes and wine in a characteristic wine region between Papuk Mountains and the river Drava.

Day 2.

After breakfast we head off to Park Pirode Papuk in the mountains where we can walk in the unspoilt natural environment, hike in the mountains, admire famous Janjkovac waterfall or just simply relax in the refreshing environment. The busy programme is followed by lunch served locally in Planinarski dom Jankovac, where special game dishes are served as a result of its own hunt. We head back to our hotel in the evening.

Day 3.

After breakfast we leave Croatia and head off to Drávaszentes the administrative region of Barcs where the Visitor Centre of the Danube-Drava National Park offers hiking tours led by professionals, petting zoo of indigenous animal species and a special exhibition featuring the values of the river.


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Day 1.

Time Activity Service provider Place
arrival Hotel Višnjica Višnjica
program Zavičajni muzej Slatina Slatina
dinner Hotel Višnjica Višnjica
winetasting Vinarija Kufner Slatina

Day 2.

Time Activity Service provider Place
dinner Hotel Višnjica Višnjica
lunch Planinarski dom "Jankovac" Čačinci
program Park prirode Papuk Voćin
breakfast Hotel Višnjica Višnjica

Day 3.

Time Activity Service provider Place
breakfast Hotel Višnjica Višnjica
departure Hotel Višnjica Višnjica
Duna-Dráva NationalPark Dráva Kapu Exhibition Center Barcs


Walking tours Wine tasting Touring Bird watching Learning route Playground Exhibition Nature photographing Animals Mountaineering

Why choose this programme?

  • Interactive guided tours
  • Excellent local wines
  • Protected natural environment
  • Imposing waterfall
  • Historical walk
  • Hiking, excursions
  • Endless forests, dizzying depths
  • Croatian home cooking specialties
  • Introduction of indigenous animal species

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Visit one of the most beautiful sights of the area, the Jankovac waterfall, in winter as well!

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