P.P. Orahovica d.o.o.Cultivation of land, cattle-breeding, fruit-growing, winegrowing, fishery.

PP Orahovica has more than 10 760 ha of farming land at its disposal and employs more than 300 employees. The basic activities of PP Orahovica are: cultivation of land, cattle-breeding, fruit-growing, winegrowing, fishery.

Winegrowing – top quality species of grapes are grown on 192 ha covered with vineyards: Silvanac Green, Pinot Grey, Rhine Riesling, Graševina, Frankovka, Chardonnay and Sauvignon. The wine is carefully kept in modern wine cellars where grapes are processed, cultivated and filled. A large number of rewards and acknowledgements speak in favour of the top quality of PP Orahovica wine.

Cultivation of land – it is performed on 6955 ha of farming land where mostly wheat, soya, corn, sugar beet and rapeseed are grown. The most recent technologies are used in the production providing the harvest stability regardless of weather conditions. Careful exploitation of resources makes it possible to create full harmony between the nature and production. PP Orahovica is focused on the production of seed crops as well.

Cattle breeding – In PP Orahovica, the cattle is bred in the style cow-calf that has been intensively applied ever since 1993. The cows of the following breeds are bred: Simmental Charolais and Limousine.

Fruit growing – The hazelnuts of various species are grown on 264 ha: Istrian long, Roman and Halle Giant Hazelnut. PP Orahovica is the largest producer of hazelnuts in Croatia and in the region, and it has modern plants for the processing of hazelnuts in its business system. The growing of hazelnuts is accompanied by the certificate ISO 22000-2005 and HACCP System. PP Orahovica is also the largest exporter of hazelnuts to the EU markets and regional markets.

Fishery – 3 348 ha are for fish industry reserved. PP Orahovica has the most modern technology for breeding the freshwater fish that is placed on the market of EU (Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Italy) and to the countries in the region (B&H and Serbia). The following fish species are mostly bred: carp without scales, but also pike, perch, roach, bream, sheath fish, Amur grass carp, bighead carp and tench. The production of fish is accompanied by HACCP System.

Products PP Orahovica may be, except in the partner network, to look in their own retail network consisting of a fish market, agricultural pharmacies and web - trade eKupi.


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  • Address: Stjepana Mlakara 5, 33515 Orahovica
  • GPS coordinates: "N 45.5323 I 17.8798"
  • Phone: 385(0)33 673-322
  • Fax: 385 (0)33/673-903
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